Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More Completed Devilfish Pictures


seemyinnergeek said...

You are a brilliant Tau painter! The tank looks awesome and scanning down your page, the Fire Warriors are top notch too. I can honestly say, I've never even been tempted to play Tau until I saw your pics. Great work, post more!

Sidestreaker said...


It's a new army and has lots to catch up with my eldar amy!

Hope to show more soon

Autarch Siam Turien said...

You need to start having painting tutorials, for Eldar and Tau.

RonSaikowski said...

I agree this looks great, why don't you have it all under one site?"

I just happened upon this little gem.

Sidestreaker said...

thanks again guys,

Ron, I'd like to but just worried it might get too cluttered, I'm gonna start of IG and Marines soon!

Anyway, next is my stealth suit team, and will post those up real soon!