Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Completed Suits

Here’s my last crisis and stealth suits all painted up. Actually, not really my last as I still have 2 more in the sprues and not too sure what to do with them, as I already have more than 2000pts painted up. So until I get some funky ideas, I’ll leave them untouched.

Here are additional 3 more stealth suits to the 3 previous ones which I’ve done months ago. The color scheme seems to work for me without highlights as the urban camo already makes them look ‘busy’.

Some may argue that the fusion blaster aka melta weapon should be illuminated in blue rather then the green which I used for the stealth suits here as the green looks too ‘plasma’. However, I think for the sake of variety of colors to the model, I’d keep to green as otherwise it looks too monochrome.

The crisis suit work as my second Shas’El commander, with a converted Positional Relay from a Target-Lock (I just add minimal parts on it). As usual, all the weapons are detachable.

I’m gonna stay away from suits for a while and soon hopefully to complete all the Tau in my collection. Next up will be an ethereal with perhaps some honor guards (hopefully some conversions) along with a devilfish and another piranha.

CC are welcomed, thanks for viewing


Siph_Horridus said...

Brilliant stealth suits and I bet something interesting to paint after all those 'Tau tan' suits. Love the detailing and clean lines. Prefer the green weapon discharge, I think plasma as 'blue'. This is shaping up to be an awesome looking cadre.

Sidestreaker said...

Hey thanks!

At this point, I really wanna make sure all the Tau are done with to prepare for my IG army soon, with the new codex.

I can't wait to put up a family photo of the whole army soon!

Albrek said...

Really like the scheme o nthe stealth suits - very nice :)

monica said...
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monica said...

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