Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tau Piranha Squad

This is one of my favourite models in the game, the Tau Piranha. the shape and the design kinda like has a WW2 fighter silhouette. After the first one, I just thought that it might look pretty cool at least to have a wing man and indeed they do look better in a squad.

There was a huge gap of time between completing the first and the second model shown here, and I noticed there were a bit of difference in the way i handle some details and the mixing tone of the Camo pattern. That's kinda interesting as some inconsistency would suggest perhaps 2 different piranha come together from 2 different squads or batch has lots of similarities with subtle difference.

The assembly of this model is rather tricky though, with lots of green stuff filling at the corners of the main hull (I just can't get them to fit nicely). The camo pattern helps to obscure the marks.

Again, like with most tau vehicle, i minimize on the highlights and just let the pattern go all over. I'm not that confident with weathering effects yet so I'll just leave it clean cut looking for now. Can't wait to place them on the tabletop soon.

CC welcome, thanks


oni said...

Very nice! I would be honored to blow them away with my lascannons. ;)

Siph_Horridus said...

Awesome as ever, just hope the Tau can stand up to the 5th Edn Imperials.

john said...

Excellent job on the painting, the camo looks smooth and sharp, how did you paint it on?

Sidestreaker said...

Thanks John,

It's freehand work with a fine brush.

Chioxin said...

Wow these are amazing, I really love the patterning job you did. Can I get any hints on how you went about doing that? I'm a bit shy to do it because of the amount of work I feel it may entail. I do have a spray gun though and some masking tape.

Metal Rancor said...

I know this post was from quite some time ago, but I would really like to know how you painted these too. Awesome job!