Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mega Battle Pictures

Here are some random pics from a mega battle non-apocalypse game on a 3000pts game, 1750 on each army, so I've teamed up my eldar with tau against my 2 buddy's combined army of ultramarines and grey knights. Though I've lost in this game, I've gained valuable lessons on my first game of my Tau army, understanding its potential and weakness and most important of all, it was great fun! Playing a big game like this allows me to test almost all my units in every possible scenario.
I can't remember the details of the game, as this was played last week and I didn't have the chance to put it on paper when my mind was fresh (or rather mush, from a gruelling 5 hrs game). The mass fire power of a full stealth suit team of burst cannon can be very effective, especially when deep strike behind enemy armor, just love them. I've enjoyed the firepower of the pulse rifle, punishing those pesky stearnguards vets dare enough to come near. That hammerhead tank can really wreck havoc and caused much fear, it'll be nice to have another one :D (gonna paint my second turret). Markerlights, something we tau can't live without! Drones are good in slowing progress of enemy, and I used them rather effectively, I guess giving up those kill points is an exchange here.