Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Cadre Army List-2000 pts

TAU EMPIRE 2000 pts
1 Shas'O
Command & Control node, Cyclonic Ion Blaster, Fusion blaster
Hard Wire Multi Tracker,Target Lock,Blacksun filter,
1 Body Guard - Shas'vre
Plasma rifle, fusion blaster, Missile pod
Hard Wire Multi Tracker,Blacksun filter

1 Shas'El
Position Relay, Fusion Blaster, Plasma rifle
Hard Wire Multi Tracker,Target Lock,Blacksun filter,
1 Body Guard - Shas'vre
Plasma rifle, fusion blaster, Missile pod
Hard Wire Multi Tracker,Blacksun filter

2 Shas'Ui
Crisis Suit, Burst Cannon, Flamer, Multi Tracker

2 Shas'Ui
Crisis Suit, Missile Pod, Flamer, Multi Tracker

3 Shas'Ui
Stealth Suits, Team Leader, Fusion Blaster

12 Fire Warriors

8 Fire Warriors

8 Fire Warriors

12 Fire Warriors
Disruption Pod

8 Pathfinders
Shas'Ui, blacksun filter, 3 railrifles, bonding
Disruption Pod

1 Pirahna
Disruption Pod, targetting array, fusion blaster,

1 Rail Head
Multi Tracker, Target lock, blacksun filter burst cannon

Target lock

1 Skyray
Disruppod Targetting array, missle pod

Total - 2000

Here's my Cadre, Almost ready to roll out. I'm 80% done on the coloring for all the models and hope to see some action soon... so far, I've not been in battle with my tau yet.

HQ and Elites -
These guys are the hard hitting team, targetting specific key targets in the case of the HQ and abit of crowd control assigned for the 2 Elite entries.

Pathfinders naturally will infiltrate into cover and provide markerlights, while rail rifle attempt to soften some MEQ on the approach. Their Devilfish will be left behind to be used by one of the FireWarrior Team. Let’s hope they’ll hold on until turn 3…
Piranha is really just for distraction but can’t really be ignored. With the fusion blaster, they’ll be in good melta range within turn 2. Guaranteed to take some shots away from the rest of the

Two 12 Fire Warrior team on Devilfish and two 8 man team on foot, assuming half the objectives are near my deployment zone. I’m still gonna try out the fish of fury here…

Okie, Hammerhead is a no brainer here. I’m really leaving it at the rear along with the Sky Ray. In fact Sky Ray can even be totally out of sight until its missile runs out, perhaps will be so for the first 2/3 turns. If needed the sky ray will pop out to clean up some mess left by the others.
2 Broadsides with target lock will be sniping away. They will be positioned near the skyray for defensive weapon coverage.
I’ve not played Tau yet so any comments are much appreciated from cadre members and foes alike! Cheers

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pathfinders and Army so far

Here's my completed pathfinders, assembled from bits and leftovers from firewarriors, Tau tank commander and eldar jetbike riders...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Tutorial: Speed Paint Battlesuit

Here's an easy way to paint the Tau Crisis suits in a rather quick and effective manner as based on the T'au Sept color scheme.

At this time, I'm preparing a 3000pts apocalypse army. Meaning I would need to have a sizable army painted up and in decent painting quality that is above avarage tabletop quality. Bear in mind that at the end of this tutorial, the objective is to prepare a decent looking battlesuit in the shortest time and still subject to further refinements.

Firstly, the colors which are used are as follows:Tausept Ochre; Vomit brown, bestial brown and scorched brown(for base), bleached bone and devlan mud. These colors are the base colors which I will show how to be applied on the suits. Here I will demonstate how to color the model without chaos black primer.

Before the model should be painted, I believe it is good practice to do the base first properly before painting the model. This is important, as to make sure the finishing touch-up on the base does not affect the model in the final stages. I would not dwell too much into the base and will move straight on to the main coloring.

Firstly, apply an even coat of tausept ochre to the model after assembly. Leave out the arms, as it would make it easier to go through to the hidden corners. Add a bit of water to have it spread easier. It should be thick enough to have an even coverage in one layer. should the coating is too thin or the plastic color still shows, apply another layer after the first one dries.

Next, apply a thin layer of the Citadel wash, Devlan Mud, onto the recess and armor lines. The first layer may not be sufficient, again, wait till it dries before applying the next wash. Now, you will have a model with a good foundation paint and washes that brings out the contrast line on the overall looks.

Now, after the last layer dried up, apply chaos black to the relevant parts, as shown below. Make sure the lines are crisp and clear to reduce overlapping and rectifying works later.

The following step is the most important. Apply vomit brown to the model and majority of the surface. Avoid the armor lines as best as you can and always prepare cotton buds should the color accidently fills into the recess. It is best to keep the color thin to allow easy rectification. At least 2 layer of this is required to have an even layer throughout. Once done, mix 50/50 vomit brown with bleached bone and apply this as highlight to the edge of the armor line and recess to bring out the darker color washes. go back and touch up the black areas if needed. You're almost done.

While all the above is going on, it is advisable that the arms are done in the same time, with the same technique. Assemble them and complete the model. Add bone white for lines and markers on the model and apply decals where desired.

The rest of the weapons should be done in the same manner to achieve a similar effect and fast coloring solution.

I'm keeping my weapons interchangable for most of my battlesuits, so I went all out to paint all the weapon choice.

Overall, this technique allows quick and quality speed coloring and easy rectification at any point of the process. Good luck!