Monday, March 2, 2009

Tau Commander

Completed just before I did my test on the space marine, this Tau Commander is fully converted from bitz and parts from leftovers of all the wargear of a battlesuit. I finished paiting this just after I've painted up my 3rd Firewarrior squads (which btw is one of the hardest units ones to paint, if you wanna get them right!)

Here, the chopped up and reassembled flamers and burst cannon resembles a Cyclonic Ion Blaster and a shield was stuck on a plasma rifle to give it a more 'armored' look. The top bit represent the Command and Control node but that is not relevant in the new edition anymore so I'd probably proxy it as a Positional Relay or perhaps just a shield generator. The head has a bit of modification from a Target Lock unit. Overall, its pretty much a 'no-frill' conversion, not too much to stand out but enough to make a difference.... currently working on my second commander now and will post up as soon as he is ready!